We help startups,
companies and agencies

Advoques is a design agency from Sri lanka. We design and develop holistic design solutions for companies, institutions, products and brands that meet the high visual and technical requirements from concept to production.

We are media professionals, graphic designers and web developers with many years of experience, sound technical knowledge and a feeling for style and style! Our core competencies range from design and development to the production of advertising media and printing material. In all project phases, we focus on the highest quality as well as close, trustworthy cooperation with our customers.

With our unique capabilities in transforming technology towards business success, we offer a broad range of services, including consulting, IT modernization and transformation systems development and integration, business process outsourcing, infrastructure management and solutions, and technology solutions.

Our Design

As a self-proclaimed agency for our clients, we communicate without much blah, understandable and at eye level. It goes without saying that we use our customers because we do not see ourselves as service providers, but as strategic partners and experts in UX / UI design, branding and digital storytelling with over 7 years of experience.

We like to work with forward-looking startups and companies that not only make decisions on the safe side, but also bring the courage and enthusiasm to change things.